Incredible Discoveries specializes in direct response, bringing your company’s message to consumers in a variety of ways. Whether through TV and radio ads, print media, direct mail, or online advertising, Incredible Discoveries uses its expertise to give your company the exposure it needs to become a success.

With more than twenty years of experience in television direct response, the team at Incredible Discoveries has the expertise to put your campaign together for you. You won’t need to hire a marketing firm and a production company, as well as paying for ads with Incredible Discoveries. Incredible Discoveries provides everything from initial consultations to measured results with its staff of multimedia and marketing experts.

Among its many successes, Incredible Discoveries’ produces the talk show The Balancing Act, which airs on Lifetime TV each weekday morning. Incredible Discoveries is also the brains behind ads for Teddy Ruxpin, the Clear2O water purifier, and the Infrawave Speed oven. Incredible Discoveries has its own television production facilities, as well as a team of production professionals to make high-quality television campaigns that help bolster a company’s reputation.

Incredible Discoveries also has experts in e-commerce strategies, prepared to position your online campaign for maximum benefit. Among Incredible Discoveries’ offerings is web content development that is optimized for a variety of platforms, including mobile devices. Incredible Discoveries works with companies to ensure all campaigns are in line with the client’s overall vision.

From its beginnings, Incredible Discoveries has always believed in fostering entrepreneurs with promising business ideas. Incredible Discoveries has developed valuable partnerships over the years, allowing it to leverage deals to provide the best services to customers at a savings of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if a business is nothing more than a basic idea, Incredible Discoveries can help mold it into a successful direct response campaign.

Through taking a small percentage of the profits, Incredible Discoveries is able to provide its services for a fraction of the up-front costs normally associated with such a wide range of marketing campaigns. Incredible Discoveries considers its customers business partners in this sense, working together to make a great idea a success by getting the message out to customers. Incredible Discoveries knows that a great idea can only be successful if the public knows about it.

But Incredible Discoveries isn’t just a strategic marketing firm. With a full creative staff, Incredible Discoveries can provide the services you would normally have to shop around to obtain. Incredible Discoveries’ 43,000 square foot production facility has 125 full-time employees, including writers, producers, TV production staff, graphic artists, on-air talent, and more. In addition to traditional production sets, businesses have access to working kitchen sets. Incredible Discoveries also has on-site post-production offices, providing experienced post-production staff to put your ad together.

Incredible Discoveries also provides full-service web marketing, including web site design with video streaming, search engine marketing, and video and audio podcast creation. If you’re interested in increasing your online visibility, Incredible Discoveries’ professionals can boost your presence with a full staff of qualified web designers and marketers. If you’re looking for a full direct marketing campaign without the high expense and hassle of dealing with separate marketing service providers, Incredible Discoveries is the one-stop shop for you.

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